What are the current aims and objectives of our current National Education system? (We are unable as long serving educationalists to name them!) What are the success criteria? Is the system meeting those aims and objectives? If so, how well? How do we know?



During the last forty years, there have been substantial systematic changes in our educational provision.  It is our belief that education should be apolitical to enable a long term education strategy to be developed and achieved for our young people. Within the educational world, many great ideas have emerged with passion, but faded as quickly as the demands and pressures of ‘day to day’ educational life have taken over.

We envisage harnessing this energy and belief into a united strategy in order to make recommendations to, and work with, the Government because NOW is the Time for Change for the benefit of our children, nation, our global community and planet.

Time For Change by Dr Trevor Lee

At the entrance gate of a university in South Africa, the following message was posted for contemplation:

 “Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long-range missiles….it only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students…”

Patients die at the hands of such doctors…

Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers…

Money is lost at the hands of such economists and accountants…

Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars…

Justice is lost at the hands of such judges…

“The collapse of education is the collapse of a nation”.

A New Look at Education by Dr Oliver Bangham

Why the Current Education Model is Failing!


Sir Ken Robinson succinctly highlighted why the current model of schools and schooling is failing (2009):

“Based on a Victorian, industrial paradigm, our schools continue to act out an assembly line model, where teachers segment knowledge into subjects, with some teachers installing maths, others history etc. There are standard units of time, that are announced, factory like, with a loud bell or buzzer. Children are taught in batches according to their date of manufacture. Pupils are measured in standardised tests before being sent out into the marketplace for their working hours to be auctioned off, usually to the highest bidder.

Do we subscribe to a standardisation – some call it a Mc Donalds model of schooling  – where everything looks the same as a way of trying to protect standards but in doing so create a product that is intrinsically bad for children? Should we not be adopting a Michelin star, individual model where schools reflect perfectly their context and respond with a bespoke product that serve the children’s best efforts”.


Sir Ken Robinson 1950 – 2020


The Challenge

The health, welfare and prosperity of our society is inextricably linked to a successful and deliverable new educational vision which will support the long term aspirations of the Government and World Powers who face unprecedented challenges – socio-economic and environmental – as never been experienced before. A new educational vision requires effective consultation to produce a clear and relevant strategy coupled with investment which will include time, money and resources. The ongoing and future success of our nation requires a truly world class and inclusive education system.

Empowering The Child

The child should be at the centre of all educational strategic planning embracing a new and positive philosophy which provides our young people with the skills and personal attributes to enable them to realise their full potential and benefit our society and shaping their futures.

Tomorrow’s Education

The Benefits of Change

Collaboration with The FED

Time For Change (T4C) has been working alongside The Foundation for Education Development (FED) who aim to provide a neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to shape a future education system which can deliver for our children and young people. T4C works with The FED to develop a vision of a world-class education system for all.

The next FED Round Table event will take place on Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 10.00 – 11.30: ‘We’re All in it Together: Breaking Barriers in a Long-Term Vision for Education’. Details can be found on the FED website at the link below.